Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Day in History May 29, 1941

Today we celebrate the birthday of Doug Scott (1941), one of the first Britons to climb Mt. Everett.  He was born in Nottingham, England, and he began climbing mountains at the age of 12.  He not only is known for climbing this mountain, but he is a fantastic photographer.
Here's a bit of trivia about him.  In 1976, he broke both of his legs while climbing a mountain, and he took and 8-day crawl back to camp.  No thank you!  Not for me.  It is good to point out that most of his time now is taken up with Community Action Nepal, a charity that works to provide health, education, and clean water to this area.  Nepal is where you find Mt. Everett, for those who may not know.

Although I would never be a mountaineer, I have to tip my hat to him for his charity work and for his dedication to climbing.  More power to him!

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  1. Very inspirational. I have actually been to Nottingham. It's such a neat village.


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