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Creative Steps Magazine Review

I have an 8-year-old daughter (almost 9!) who absolutely loves making crafts.  It seems she is always working on something.  She is able to come up with a lot of ideas on her own, and I help her when I can.  But sometimes I don't feel so creative sometimes, and I always enjoy finding quality materials to help me with those ideas.

I am so glad I was able to review Creative Steps Magazine.  This is a magazine that has incredible ideas for kids ages 0-11.  With this magazine, you will never be stuck for ideas again.  The ideas in this magazine are equally good for daycares, homeschool, teachers, parents, grandparents, and so much more.

I was privileged to review two issues of Creative Steps:  Winter 2011 and Spring 2012.  The moment these came in the mail, my daughter "hijacked" these.  In fact, I had to ask her where the copies were tonight so I could refer to them for my review!  Although each issue is broken into sections by years, I have to admit I do not pay attention to that.  I find that projects geared for younger kids can often be adapted, and the same is true for projects geared for older kids. And this is true with this magazine.

I will admit that I have not had an opportunity to try any of these projects yet, but let me list some that sound intriguing to me.

In the winter issue, there is craft for decorating a rock.  My daughter is a rock collector.  She is the kind of child who will walk through the gravel and almost always pick up a rock that is "different" or "really neat."  What a perfect way to use these rocks as decor and/or gifts rather than just letting the rocks sit around.  I am really excited to notice that each activity says whether it would be work for a group activity, and it always says which "learning zone" it represents.  This one is "Art & Design," and this is definitely needed in this day and age since arts are slowly being taken away from our school system.

Following this page, I found the reading corner, and since my daughter and I both love to read, I enjoyed getting to see what the best new books for kids are out there.  What I would have loved to have seen (but didn't) was book reviews done by children.  But maybe they feature those sometimes.  I hope they do.

In the spring issue, I was instantly drawn to the section about Florence Nightingale.  (If you read my blog regularly, you know about my love of history.)  I love the fact that it gives history about her, and it shows two different crafts you can do.  And although this activity targets younger kids, I know that older kids would love this.  The idea of making a collection box is fantastic as is the nurse's hat and apron.  In a pinch, that craft would even make a good Halloween costume.

Over the course of the nearly nine years I have been a mother (I have been a teacher even longer than that), I have read a lot of magazines and websites.  I even taught art for a couple years.  It was always a challenge to find crafts that were not too hard but still grabbed kids' attention.  This magazine definitely does.  It strikes the perfect balance.  I am hooked!

Oh, I almost forgot!  Each magazine has templates for the projects (as does the website).  Imagine not having to go elsewhere to find templates.  When I have used other kids craft magazines or websites, sometimes that is what I must do, but not so with Creative Steps!  They give you everything you need--except the supplies.  You will have to provide those.  But the supplies they use are inexpensive and readily available.  You probably have most of the supplies on hand anyway.

Creative Steps magazine is available in printed form and online.  And for my blog readers, I have a very special deal to share with you. It is 25% of the printed or online version.

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As far as I am concerned, this is an outstanding magazine that I give my highest recommendation.  You will want to check it out, I am sure.  And watch out for a very special giveaway coming up by the end of the week!

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I received this product through Karma Media in exchange for my honest review.

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