Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lenovo Speakers for Optimum Sound Quality

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Don't you get tired of substandard audio quality?  I know I do.  I rely on quality sound whether I am listening to music, watching online videos, or having a video chat session.  Oftentimes, my computers have less than perfect sound quality, and I have to admit that the thought has crossed my mind that perhaps it is time to replace my ancient speakers, especially on my desktop computer!

Enter Lenovo speaker M0520.  This is a 2.0 speaker that will ensure the highest quality of sound.  It includes a main speaker that has a built-in amplifier and a sub-speaker.  These speakers are small in size but their 4 watts of power rival those of much larger speakers. You will not need an electrical socket since the speakers work  via USB and feature a power-saving mode. No need to hide the wires--it has a convenient wire spool to store the wires. And, if you haven't noticed, check out the picture above--very attractive design!  Updating your speakers doesn't get much easier than these, and I am certain these speakers will not let you down!

When I got my desktop long ago, I only had the option of getting the monstrous speakers that have at least 3 cords that plug in various places.  It was always a hassle to get everything plugged in.  And then you were stuck with these enormous but necessary speakers!  Sometimes my laptop needs a boost or I want to listen to my mp3 player without my headphones.  I have no speakers that are truly able to be this versatile, and indeed these speakers would meet this need.

The Lenovo speaker M0520 is the ideal set of speakers to replace my old, outdated ones in my home office.  Lately, I have a lot of static on those speakers, and it sounds like these speakers may be what I am looking for.  I love the fact that these speakers are compatible with so many electronic devices, and I am certain that I would use these speakers on certain occasions with my laptop and mp3 player--maybe even my smartphone.  To make things easier, I think I would get more than one set of these speakers because knowing me, I would misplace them and also get tired of switching them between my various devices.

Here is the really good news.  From May 15-21, these speakers will be on sale for $11.99!  That means I can easily afford two if not three pairs!  And I would recommend you do the same.  Be sure to check out their site!

Lenovo speaker

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