Saturday, May 26, 2012

Save Money on your Verizon Subscription using the Latest Verizon Promo Code List and Some Tips--Guest Post

Save Money on your Verizon Subscription using the Latest Verizon Promo Code List and Some Tips

Cell phones nowadays are more than just phones. They now act as mini computers, customizable as we see them fit. Today, smart phones can act as a navigation tool, an media player, a web browser, a portable gaming console, an office file maker, a business tool, an organizer, and many more.

We mainly owe this versatility to mainly two factors. First is the smart phone's PC-like operating system that allows it to run different applications just like a PC can. Obviously, this allows your phone to function in more ways than just being an ordinary cell phone. Second is the cell phone's ability to have access to data packets or its internet connectivity. Having mobile connectivity allows the phone to access a database of various information like places, markets, social network, and so on, making smart functions even smarter. For example, ordinary GPS is made faster through the internet and places of interest can regularly be updated; or internet radio that plays and filters limitless amount of music according to the genre or artist of your choice.

When choosing a smart phone, its 'smartness' depends on these two features. The first one, which is the operating system depends on the phone's specifications and processing power. Thus, it is an easy matter to choose as you will only need to know the phone's specifications. The second matter, however, is more complicated as all of the available networks nowadays offer internet capability and every network seems to claim to have an edge over everybody else. If you want the best speed and reliability in mobile internet connectivity, however, evidence suggest that Verizon Wireless is the one to go for. According to a study by the FCC, Verizon Wireless features the fastest internet connection available. For more details, consult the image below:

How to Save from Verizon FiOS Subscription
It is true that Verizon Wireless is the best thing when it comes to internet connection speed. However, it is not always the best choice as it has its shortcomings when it comes to affordability as Verizon Wireless do not have unlimited data offers like Sprint does. All Verizon offers is 2GB for $30, 5GB for $50, and 10 GB for $80. An obvious way to minimize the cost of data that you will be using is by getting a data that is not far to your monthly data consumption. To do this, you must have a good idea on how much data you would be using. This can more or less be estimated through an application or manual data calculator.

Another way to save money from Verizon wireless connection is to avoid it altogether. Before subscribing, ask yourself you will really need a high speed internet connection. Will you be using your phone only for social networking or will you using it for video streaming and large downloads? If it's the latter, then Verizon is for you. If it's the former, then you should just look for cheaper alternatives like Sprint.

However, if you are determined to pursue a Verizon Wireless subscription, I suggest trying some alternative ways on saving from Verizon Wireless. One of the most effective ways would be using Verizon Wireless promotion codes and deals. Such discounts can range from getting a free accessory, discounted phone, up to getting a phone for free in exchange for a subscription. Here are some of the latest Verizon Wireless promotion codes that are being offered:

1. Mother's Day Special + Free Shipping
2. Online Exclusive: Free Phones, Devices & Tablets!
3. Motorola Droid Razr 4G LTE for only $49.99 + Free Shipping
4. LG Spectrum - 4G LTE for only $49.99 + Free Shipping
5. Free Motorola Droid Bionic + Free Shipping
6. Motorola Droid 4 for only $99.99 + Free Shipping
7. Free Samsung Droid Charge - 4G LTE + Free Shipping
8. Samsung Galaxy Nexus - 4G LTE for only $49.99 + Free Shipping
9. Samsung Galaxy Tab for only $229.99 + Free Shipping
10. Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 16GB for only $429.99 + Free Shipping
11. Motorola Barrage for only $199.99 + Free Shipping
12. Samsung Convoy 2 for only $119.99 + Free Shipping
13. Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 Non-Camera for only $199.99 + Free Shipping
14. Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 for only $199.99 + Free Shipping
15. Free LG Extravert + Free Shipping
16. Samsung Brightside for only $119.99 + Free Shipping
17. Free Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L + Free Shipping
18. Fivespot 3G Mobile Hotspot for only $79.99 + Free Shipping
19. Free Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4620L for only $49.99
20. Free LG Vortex (CPO) + Free Shipping
21. Palm Pre 2 for only $149.99 + Free Shipping
22. Motorola Droid X2 Bundle for only $89.99 + Free Shipping
23. LG Spectrum for only $79.99 + Free Shipping
24. Motorola Droid Razr 16GB for only $99.99 + Free Shipping
25. Motorola DROID 4 $199.99 + Free Shipping
26. Pantech Breakout for only $29.99 + Free Shipping
27. LG Lucid for only $79.99 + Free Shipping
28. Free BlackBerry Bold 9650 (CPO) + Free Shipping
29. Free Mobile Hotspot SCH-LC11 (CPO) + Free Shipping
30. Free LG Accolade (CPO) + Free Shipping

Using promotion codes can save you significant amount of money and can give you cell phones cheap prices. However, you can only use a code one at a time and the list of available codes often changes and refreshes. Thus, it would be ideal to use your desired code once it is available. To find and use a Verizon promo code, simply go to your preferred promo code provider. After this, simply select Verizon Wireless and your preferred code. If you do not find your preferred code, kindly check the site regularly as it is regularly being updated. To use a code, simply click on it and you will be taken to a page where you can make the purchase. If you have selected a code, you can enter the code in the appropriate box just by making the paste command ('ctrl' + 'v'). If it's a deal on the other hand, you will be able to observe that it is already applied on the destination page.


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