Monday, May 14, 2012

Snikiddy Baked Fries Review

What you see in this bowl is one of the best snacks out there!  Better than any kind of chips, crackers, or anything else like that.  This snack is put out by the company Snikiddy, and this is a picture of their baked fries.  I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to eat most of the two review bags all by myself. My daughter and my mom had a little bit here and there, and they liked them, but I ate most of them!

In the bowl above, you see a picture of a mixture of the two kinds I got to review:



The cheddar cheese fries were absolutely unbelievable--better than any cheese puffs or anything like that.  They were not greasy, and I could have easily eaten the entire bag in one setting (which would not have been a healthy idea!).  The Southwest cheddar were also very spicy, but they were spicy.  The thing about this flavor is that at first bite, they do not appear spicy.  But it is the "afterburn" that is so good!  My daughter liked them but eventually found them too spicy to eat too many.  She preferred the cheddar cheese flavor, and most kids probably would.  I enjoyed mixing the two together so that I got a little bit of both worlds.

I will tell you that Snikkidy snacks can be hard to track down.  Your best bet is to check out their purchase page and put in your zip code.  I was amazed that none of the grocery stores in the area were carrying these, but other types of stores in my area were carrying them.  I did hear that even so, sometimes people struggled to find the products.  And your store may not have the full selection of products listed on their site.  I have not been able to find the Eat Your Vegetables products as of yet, but hopefully, in time, they will carry that line.  I would love to try them!

You may wonder why on earth Snikiddy is a product that you should try.  Well, let me tell you just a little about them.  They have been around since 2006, and they specialize in foods that taste good and are healthier options for you. The name comes from the word "persnickety."  Ever met someone who is really picky about what he/she eats?  My daughter is one who is much pickier than I ever was!  So the term was shortened to "snikiddy."  These snacks are also gluten free (but you would never know it!).  I love finding products like this that taste good and yet are healthy!

In addition to checking out their website, please follow them on facebook and twitter.

As a member of Karma Media I received this product from Snikiddy in hopes of obtaining a review. All opinions are my own.


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