Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Day in History May 20, 1521

Well, here is another new one for me--never heard of this one.  The man pictured here, Ignatius Loyola, was severely wounded by a canon ball on this day in 1521.  One leg was shattered, and the other was broken.  Amazingly, he lived although he had to undergo several operations (without anesthetics, I might add).

During the time of recuperation, he read a commentary on the life of Christ.  It led to his conversion, and he became a soldier for Christ.  This brings up the age-old question--why do bad things happen to good people?  I don't think anyone would think that getting severely wounded by a canon ball would be a good thing.  And yet God had a purpose in this pain and suffering.,  He prepared one of his most avid Christian soldiers for the work that lay ahead.  Had Igantius not been wounded, he would never have been saved and gone on to great things.

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