Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pump Up Your Book Presents Seeds Virtual Book Publicity Tour Spotlight

Join David Ankrah, author of the children’s personal finance book, Seeds (Evolu-Sol Publishing), as he virtually tours the blogosphere May 7-25,2012 on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book!


David Ankrah is a quiet individual with a background in media, finance and all things creative, full of ideas and compassion for those around him.
He lives in London with family and likes nothing better than to help people and put smiles on faces.
The inspiration for this book came out of wanting to see an end to some of the hardships we face in modern times with a simple story that everyone can enjoy and in particular for adults to read to children all over the world so that they can share the ideas that come to them as they read about the inhabitants of that wonderful place called Zoniye.
You can visit David at his website,
If you would like to help children understand some of the benefits of using money wisely from an early age then this is a story that will inspire them…
Without actually mentioning the word money until after the story ends, this story is designed to show them some of the choices they have in life when it comes to looking after not only their money, but their friends and family.
In fact, you should find that this story has parallels in your life whether you are 6 or 60
So find out what happens to Palooko and Greecho as they go through life and one mysterious day an event takes place that would change their lives forever…
A wonderful place to live…
And that is where our story begins…
If you would like to follow the entire tour, check it out here.

I was a last-minute addition to this blog tour, and I was unable to get it read.  I plan to have a review published within a week.


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