Saturday, May 26, 2012

Karma Media Review--Fantastic Way to Improve Your Blog!

Karma Media

I have been blogging for almost two years--I really had no idea I would stay with it so long!  I only ever started blogging because I figured I could do it as well as the blogs I was reading.  And I do enjoy writing.

It wasn't long after I started blogging that I realized that I had to have some giveaways to drive traffic to my blog.  I loved writing great content, but if no one was around to read it, what good was it?  When you are just starting out, it can be pretty tough to find companies to sponsor giveaways.  I remember writing reviews, pitching companies, and only hearing "no" or nothing at all.  It was disappointing.  So I knew I had to begin to sponsor my own giveaways--I had no other choice.

My blog began to grow, and I was pretty excited.  A few companies began to sponsor reviews/giveaways, but people began to come to my blog only for giveaways.  And I would get very few comments on any other posts.  I hated to keep spending my own money, but I knew I had to.

My blog was doing well, and then I began to join giveaway hops, and I decided I was willing to pay.  Yes, I saw big jumps in my numbers, but I still struggled to find enough companies to sponsor me.  My blog was not big enough.  My reach was not large enough.  I didn't have the right kind of blog.

I realized that it was taking lots of time finding companies to sponsor my giveaways.  There had to be an easier way!  And indeed there was!  I happened to click on a link to Karma Media, and I decided to give them a try.  After paying the nominal fee, they added me to the facebook group, and I began to interact with them.  I wasn't sure what I would find, but let me explain.

First of all, they do all the work of pitching companies.  They combine all of the blogger stats in the group together and contact companies to sponsor reviews and giveaways.  I have gotten to review magazines, food, books, and more.  And I have only been a member for a couple of months.  They always send out documents with the information, and the companies get to pick the blogs they want to work with.  This means that small blogs and big blogs get the same chance to review certain blogs.  And the giveaways?  Karma Media sets up the giveaways for you in regard to these products.  You post them on your blog, and you watch your blog numbers increase.

While reviewing products and having giveaways on your blog are great, there is much more to them than this.  They have free blog hops each week to increase traffic to your blog--pinterest, facebook, etc.  They have special giveaway opportunities for their members (and sometimes for non-members such as their current Bringing in Summer giveaway hop). They also allow you to give input as to what companies you want them to pitch and what kinds of things you would like to see in the group.

For me, Karma Media has been an awesome group.  I have never been active in a facebook group until them.  Now they are one of the first ones I check--and I check several times a day.  One time when I had a product issue concerning a review I was doing, I felt so much better after I posted it to them.  They were so nice to sympathize and offer any help they could.  And whenever I have a blog question, I ask it, and I am sure to get a response.  In fact, they actually give the right response!  If they do not know, they will work to find the answer.

All I can say is that my life has become crazier, and my blog has become busier.  But my blog's traffic has increased, and Karma Media is part of the reason--a big part of the reason.  If you want to improve your blog, I invite you to check them out.  Big, small, international, U.S., it makes no difference.  They can help you meet your blogging goals.  I don't know if I will ever have to pitch a company again! (Okay, I probably will, but it is so nice to sit back and let the wonderful leaders of the team do the hard work!)

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