Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Day in History May 30, 1416

Jerome Prague was born in modern day Czech Republic (Bohemia) in 1379.  He was a prominent philosopher, theologian, and university professor who became a church reformer.  His teachings emphasized that the teachings of God were directly accessible to Christians without a church leader's aid.  This was contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church.  He was a supporter of Wycliff and Hus (martyrs), but his physical ailments did cause him to denounce them and recant his contrary views.

Huss (Jerome's mentor) was eventually burned at the stake.  Jerome denounced the church yet again, and on this date in 1416, he was burned at the stake.  His final words from the throes of the fire were:

"O Lord God, Father Almighty, have mercy upon me, and be merciful unto mine offences, for thou knowest how sincerely I have loved thy truth."

Whenever I read of martyrs such as this, I am reminded of what freedoms I have in this country and at this point in history.  I can only hope and pray that those freedoms will not be taken from me.

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