Thursday, May 3, 2012

Phone Fetcher Product Review

PhoneFetcher takes the stress and hassle out of a person's day, by allowing you to always know where your cell phone is!

No more digging in our purses to find a ringing phone and missing calls! No more leaving your phone on some remote table or countertop!

No more forgetting phones, and leaving them places (home, office, restaurants, cabs etc.), only to have to backtrack to find it. No more mini panic attacks!

PhoneFetcher attaches to a purse, back pack, gym bag, baby bag, belt loop, etc. on one end,
and the other end attaches easily to the earphone plug of a smart phone, mp3 player etc.

PhoneFetcher is made on a stretchable bungee cord, which allows texting and viewing without having to disconnect the phone. When the phone is removed from the bag, we leave our PhoneFetchers hanging out of our bag to alert us as we leave, that we do not have our phone with us.

Phonefetcher is as easily removed from your phone as an earphone is, and comes in 8 fun colors!
What a unique product!  And very smart.  It is clear that this comes from a busy mom, and with Mother's Day coming up, this would be an ideal gift for mom.  Or even for the graduate!  That day is fast-approaching as well.

What did I think of it?  I enjoyed it immensely.  I didn't actually use it for my phone.  The reason is that I have a little purse that holds it in place.  I would definitely have used it for my phone if I didn't have that.  And here's why.

I used it for my MP3 Player!  Yes, I was so happy to learn that this could be used for ipods and mp3 players, and it was extremely useful.  The little end part goes into the spot where the headphones would go on the device.  And it fit perfectly! 

Why would I need this for an mp3 player?  I generally work out after I get off work, so my mp3 player sits in my bag, and I usually spend all this time digging through my stuff.  I usually have to take everything to get the mp3 player out of the bag.  In using this product, I clipped the other side of the cord to the handle on my workout bag. When I went to get my player,  I was amazed how easy it was to find.  I just followed the cord!

The company would like me to let you know that the silver chain model is coming out soon.  This will make the cord sturdier and much more stylish. My problem is that I need more of these.  I need one in every purse, every pocket, etc. 

When this product is used for a phone, I think that you would find that most want to like the product (even if they do not really like it). I can't tell you how many times I see people walking with a phone in their hand (and no strap or any restraining device.  And how many times does the phone end up on the ground and possibly cracked or damaged beyond repair?  The Phone Fetcher can help you out big time!  

Please watch out for a giveaway of one of these items in a little while because the sponsor has agreed to give one away.  You definitely will want to win one of these fantastic phone fetchers.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Hi Ruth! I also reviewed this product and fell in love! It's not the most fashionable contraption, BUT after you begin using it, it's a GODSEND!


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