Saturday, May 5, 2012

This Day in History May 5, 1933

Yes, I know I could be writing about "Cinco de Mayo," but I thought I would go down a different road.  On this date in 1933, an F4 tornado went through Shelby County in Alabama.  In Helena, Alabama, fourteen people died, 150 were injured, and most of the town were left homeless.  Because it happened so early in the morning, many people were asleep and even found themselves covered by the debris of their homes.

I have never been through a tornado that affected me adversely.  There was a tornado years ago that hit near me--devastated downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  I have had a bad storm cause a tree to fall through the roof of my mobile home (that was crazy!).

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  1. My husband is a history major at Ohio State. Thanks to your fabulous posts I can stump him on occasion about this day in history! Thanks <3

    1. So glad I can help you out in that endeavor!


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