Sunday, May 6, 2012

This Day in History May 6, 1937

Does this picture look familiar?  Yes, it was on this date in 1937 when the horrible Hindenburg disaster occurred.  If you have never heard of this airship, let me give you a brief history.

This was an airship that was supposed to be fantastic.  It originated in Frankfurt, Germany.  It was going to revolutionize air travel.  It was a hydrogen-filled luxury liner.  And seemingly out of nowhere, it exploded into flames in New Jersey.

It is considered one of the worst disasters of the 20th century along with the Challenger disaster and the Titanic.  Amazingly, of the 36 passengers and 61 crew members, 13 passengers and 22 crew members died.  Also one of the ground crew was killed. There is still much speculation as the cause of this horrific explosion. If you are interested in learning more, please check out:

And here is a video:


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love history and remember reading about this. Very interesting.


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