Friday, November 18, 2011

Bloggers--2 Fantastic Events in February--Sign Up Now!

I am going to combine these two blog hop "shout-outs" into one blog post.  I think they both sound great, and I am going to sign up for both of them.  I have learned that blog hops are the absolute best way to grow my blog, so I am sold, and I am always looking for good ones.

Here's the first one--All For Love Valentine's Event from February 1-7.  This one is hosted by Real Mom Reviews & Mama Chocolate.  This event sounds absolutely fantastic!   Ideally, the plan is that the winenrs will have their items by Valentine's Day, but no guarantees.  Lots of bloggers have already signed up, and here are the rules.

  • You must have a prize pack totaling $25 or more for one person to win.
  • You must display the event button in your sidebar from now until event ends.
  • BEFORE adding yourself to the linky below, you must either  a.) blog about this event using the button, encouraging bloggers to sign up &  email the link to your blog post to Skye OR b.)  send $5.00 (gift) via Paypal to Skye at
Honestly, it is really easy to get a $25 package together.  I have been sponsoring my own for quite a while, but since my blog is doing so well now, most of my giveaways are becoming sponsored now, so I know I can do this.  And if I can, you can too!

And now to the second blog hop.  This one is basically a concurrent one to the first.

This Hopping for Your Honest is a blog hop that is being hosted by Couponing and Reviewing in TexasIf Only Life Could Be That Simple and Going Crazy, Wanna Go?.  This is another new blog hop, and they sound really excited to be hosting it.  Here are the rules.
  1. There is a $5.00 fee to be paid by each participating blogger (this is non-refundable) or make a blog post about the hop and link back to this page, to If Only Life Could Be That Simple and to Going Crazy, Wanna Go? to waive the fee. Please send me your link of the post to  If sending the $5, please send payment via PayPal to (please send as a gift so no fees are charged).  This payment will go towards the grand prizes.
  2. After either sending your payment or posting about the giveaway, please add yourself to the linky below.
  3. Please grab the button below and post on your site to gain exposure to the event.

Well, you can see that I chose on both hops to post about the event.  And you know what?  I signed up for these hops because bloggers posted about them, and I saw them on twitter.  So you see?  It does work!  

So if you are a blogger and you want to increase your following, get lots of exposure, and just have some fun, sign up now.  Don't wait!  The sooner you sign up, the higher in the linky you will be!


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