Saturday, November 12, 2011

This Day in History November 12, 2003

Time for a little more music history, and this really is keeping with the Veteran's Day Theme even though this is the day after.  On this day in 2003, Toby Keith had his third straight #1 country album with Shockin' Y'all became his second straight #1 pop album as it topped the Billboard 200 album chart.  I hadn't realized that the name of the album was actually a pun on the Shock and Awe campaign that came before the U.S.-led Iraq invasion in March 2003.

I cannot recommend every song on this album.  I am one of those individuals who loves Toby Keith when he sings patriotic songs but doesn't care for him when he sings "dumb" songs.  I don't usually buy his albums because of these other songs.  And this album certainly fits the bill.

The opening song on this album is a fun song called I Love This Bar.  This has inspired his I Love This Bar and Grill chain of restaurants.  There is supposed to be one opening in Seattle, and I plan to go!  This is a song of his I do like because it is fun but not too off-color.

The song I really like however is American Soldier.  I find this a song that that fits in very well with this weekend, so enjoy!  And thank you to all those who continue to serve this country and fight for our freedom!

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