Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Monday--My Past Few Weeks in Song

I am in the process of reviewing several CD's--in fact, a giveaway will be up and coming soon.  I decided that since I was not ready to review the CD's, I would give you a sense of my past few weeks through music.  Warning!  There will be some Taylor Swift music included so stop reading if you don't want to hear music by her!

A few weeks ago, my tastes in music began to change.  I generally liked to listen to upbeat, nice songs.  Love songs were fine, but I generally didn't spend my time listening to "saucy" female songs.  Until I got made at Martin (because I thought he was writing me off so I wrote him off).  Then, somehow, this song became the only song I wanted to hear:

I sang it with a real edge to my voice, and all I did was think about Martin because I thought he was being so mean.

Time went on, and Miranda Lambert had the real answer.

When Martin arrived, I was still searching for songs that were "tell-off" songs and songs that told the man to get out.  I cannot remember specific songs during these couple days.  Whenever I heard a nice love song, I changed it as quickly as I could.

If you have been reading my blog, you know things have changed.  And, well, I heard a great song that described Martin's and my relationship quite well.

This song works well because it doesn't necessarily have to be a heavy romance for the song to work.  But there is another one (watch out!) that I always thought spoke to our relationship.

For anyone who has ever seen Martin and me, this is the way we are.  And if you are confused because I said we were not in love, you would just have to see us.  There is electricity and chemistry--definitively.  And I can vouch for it.

Finally, there is one song that I loved from the moment I heard it.  I knew it didn't describe Martin and me, but I think it is pretty doggone close now.  And in faith, I believe it will be one day.

Well, that should take care of tonight.  More reviews to come!


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