Friday, November 18, 2011

Free-Wheeling Friday--Reviva Labs Skin Care Review and Giveaway (ends 12/16) U.S.

Remember my review of Reviva Labs Under Eyes Dark Circle Serum?  Well, I contacted the company, and I didn't even ask for a review product.  I was just willing for them to do a giveaway.  They insisted on my picking out a product--which I happily did.
This was the item I requested:  Collagen Serum.  I realize I am still in my 30's, but the 40's are right around the block, and I am concerned about keeping my skin looking as young  as possible.  And I do tend to get dry patches on my face now and then.

When my package arrived from Reviva Labs, I was pleasantly surprised.  They thanked me for the wonderful review, but they included a product I had not requested.
They sent me Reviva Labs EFAs Cream.  And they told me how to use both products.  I was amazed!  This is the way a company should be!  I use this cream twice a day--I follow their suggestion of layering.  Put it on, wait, and then put on another moisturizer.  I only use the serum once every two weeks as it says.

I have waited to review these products because I had an acne problem that I wanted to make sure was not being exacerbated by these products.  I am happy to report it was just my skin getting rid of impurities.  I also wanted to see how well these products worked over time.  My eye cream is still fantastic, and these products seem to be doing well.  My skin is so soft and smooth.  I am sold on these products, and Reviva Labs has certainly gained a customer for life.  I am so glad that I can quit searching for facial moisturizing products.  I have been applying the EFAs Cream to the sides of my neck that I usually tend to neglect, and I definitely can notice a moisturizing balance being restored.  I cannot recommend Reviva Labs products highly enough!

Now on to the giveaway.  This very generous company has offered to give away both of these products to one of my U.S. readers!  Isn't that great?  All you need to do is enter the rafflecopter form below, and you could be the winner of both of these products.  This giveaway will enter promptly at 9 P.M. Pacific Time on December 16.

So what are you waiting for?  You know you want these products, so go ahead and enter before you forget to do so!


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