Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Twinkle Tuesday--Gone to the Dogs (and Cats)!

I thought I would spend a little bit of time talking about my dogs and cats today.  I haven't really talked about them, and I don't have an current pictures to share--I will get on that.  But I thought that perhaps I would start devoting a couple days a month to our animals.  And I also have a special link to share with you.

We have one dog--she is about 3 years old, and her name is Sandy.  She was recently diagnosed with epilepsy--just starting to treat it.

I happened to find a picture of Sandy:
Now when it comes to kittens, do we ever have them!  We have one domesticated cat--my daughter's black, fluffy Dusty!  He is a scaredy-cat, and she sleeps with him most of the time.  He is independent and loves to be outside.

We used to have a feral cat named Calico that I tamed.  She gave birth to Cotton and Candy who are more domesticated than you could imagine!  They are very much spoiled, and you would have thought they spent their lives inside.  Their mom disappeared a long time ago.

Then there is Stripey (who we believe is on the way out).  She is Calico's sister, and she is mean!  She has given us 2 litters of kittens.  There is Tiger and Tigger who are now both spayed.  Tigger never had kittens.  Tiger had 3 kittens before we miraculously got her in to be spayed.  Only one of her kittens are named:  Bronze.  The other two are sometimes called Pinto and Callie.  As for Stripey's second litter, there are 5--Stripey Junior (or Bandit), Spy, Persian, Asphalt, and Boots.  My daughter named these, and they have become very tame!  We plan to get them all in.  We don't need any more cats!  But I tell you that I can generally tame a feral cat or mostly tame them.  Stripey is the only one I have struggled with.  I will try to get pictures of the cats for another time.

Now to the first site Martin has ever suggested I share on my blog.  He happened on a site that rates dog foods.  He said it was really good.  So here it is.

That's all for now.  I would love to hear about your animals, too.  I am an animal lover, and I am always willing to learn new stuff.


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