Monday, May 7, 2012

Check Out for All Your Eye Wear Needs! (Sponsored Post)

For almost all of my life, I have had to wear either glasses or contacts.  It all began in first grade.  I come from a long line of glasses-wearers.  And I am the only one in the house (including my 8-year-old daughter) who does not wear bifocals!  

As I was growing up, I spent lots of time going to eye doctor and the optometrist to pick out glasses and contacts.  It was always a pain.  My dad would only let me pick the cheapest glasses (which I hated), and it was never any fun to be fitted for glasses or contacts.

It was only this past summer that I learned about the benefits of ordering glasses online.  I had been ordering contacts online for years.  I was a little bit nervous, but I figured that it would be all right.  After all, I was able to upload my picture and try the glasses on "virtually."  But there was always that little nagging in the back of mind that they may not be right.  And the company I used did not have free returns.

Enter a great company called  The first thing that caught my eye was "free shipping both ways."  Yes!  A company that has the right idea.  If it does not fit, ship it back!  If you just don't like how it looks, send it back!  No questions will be asked if it has been 30 days or less.  Why can't all online companies do this?  They would get a lot more customer appreciation and business if they did.

I had never heard of, but as I began to take a look at the company, I was impressed.  As I looked into their history, I understood why they do so well.  They were created by 1-800-Contacts.  That is one of the original online/telephone order companies that specializes in contacts.  They work directly with the frame manufacturers, and they are able to offer significant savings while still providing stylish frames.

When you get to this site, the first thing you will probably notice is that they have what is called virtual try-on. You upload a picture (or take a picture with your webcam) of yourself, and this allows you to see what you will look like in certain frames.  You can pick the best one for your face.  In addition to this they offer free shipping both ways, all sorts of lens options, and my favorite--you can shop from the privacy of your home any time day or night.  I love "jammie shopping!"  And the company offers 24/7 support, so someone will always be around to help you.

The site is easily organized by men and women styles of frames.  They have every style imaginable including prescription glasses, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, computer glasses, and even 3D glasses!  It was when I used a virtual try-on system like this one that I discovered semi-rimless frames!

While these glasses are pretty expensive, they are darling!  
All right, that's it.  The next time I see a 3D film in the theater, these are the glasses I would love to wear!

I noticed that you have the option of seeing the glasses up close and spinning them around to see them from all angles.  And don't forget about virtually trying them on!

It just seems that the perks of this site continue to pop up!  If your glasses break within a year of purchase, you can  get them replaced for 50% off the original price you paid.  I must check this site out when I need my next pair of glasses!

So as the school year ends and you make your eye appointments for your kids (and you too), don't just assume that you have to do whatever you have done in the past when filling your eye prescriptions.  For the absolute best deal on eyeglasses anywhere, look no further than!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of  I am being financially compensated for my time, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.


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