Monday, May 7, 2012

This Day in History May 8, 1885

Earth-shattering news today!  On this date in 1886, the first Coca Cola was sold!  yes!  Let me hear you cheer!  Coke!  Coke!  Okay, I am a Diet Coke fan, but this drink has been around a long time.  Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton was searching for a cure for headache and exhaustion.  Sadly, this inventor died but two years later.  But his famous drink is still going strong all these years later!

So, enjoy a coke today.  Or if you are in the south, figure out what flavor of coke you would like.  Okay, that  is not just a Southern thing--I know.  This comes from the woman who is often told she has a Texan accent though I sound just like I always have (and I grew up in Washington state).

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  1. How interesting! We toured the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history.

    LOL, in the south, every soft drink is a Coke, isn't it?

    1. Yes, indeed. I lived down south for many years. I learned to say soda. I have since gone back to saying "pop" most of the time!


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