Thursday, July 12, 2012

This Day in History July 12, 1969

And now for something very interesting--a sport that should appeal to my friends in the UK and possibly Canada.  On this date in 1969, Alan Mullally was born.  And just who is he?  Good question.  I had never heard of him either.  Read on if you are interested.

He is a former English cricketer who was born in England but grew up in Australia.  Though he began his career in Australia, he did come back to England.  He was not considered a strong batter, but he was England's leading left-arm seamer.  He made his mark in 1996 in the One Day Internationals.  Even though he is not known for his batting skills, it was those "skills" that helped England in 1998-1999 to have a 12-run victory in the Ashes series against Australia.  In September 2005, he announced his retirement from cricket due to several injuries.

Now, why would I choose to write about a cricketer about which I know virtually nothing.  Just this--you never know what I may write about next.  I enjoy history in general, and I believe that writing about something like this makes me an even better writer and well-rounded person.  And after all, one of my blog readers may enjoy cricket, and this may truly excite them!  I honestly never understood cricket, but I never really understood bowls either (though I tried for my English friends' sake!).

For more information, please check out:,167,PP.html?statsType=2


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