Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Day in History July 8, 1951

Imagine this one.  On this date in 1951, Paris, France celebrated its 2000 year birthday!  And actually, they say it was much older than that.  Historians tend to think it was founded in the year 250 B.C.  I had no idea the city was that old!  A Gallic tribe know as Parisii settled an area of Paris around this time.  In 52 B.C., Julius Caesar and the Romans took it over.  Lutelia was the Christianized name of this city (midwater dwelling).  In 987, Paris became the capital city of France.

Today, some two million people live in Paris, and ten million more live in the surrounding areas.  It is still a popular tourist destination, and it also retains its reputation for being a center for food, fashion, culture, and commerce.  It is a place I have longed to visit for so long, but I doubt I will ever make it!

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