Friday, July 6, 2012

Boogie Wipes Review

I honestly don't know when I first heard of Boogie Wipes.  I know that my daughter has always been one who does not like to use Kleenex--period.  She can sit there with a runny nose and a sniffle, and if you ask her if she needs a tissue, the response will almost always be "No!"  I remember that when I heard about Boogie Wipes, I thought they were worth a try.

What are Boogies Wipes, you may ask?  I am so glad you asked!  They are saline wipes for noses.  In simple terms, they are pre-moistened tissues that soothe the nose rather than irritate it.  They encourage kids to use them because they are gentle, and they smell good (at least from a kid's perspective!). It used to be that the only scents they had were grape (and my daughter loved them!).  I am happy to say that they have other scents now, too--fresh scent (my favorite), menthol, and unscented.  You can buy them in packages of 30 wipes in a resealable container (so they stay moist) or in "on-the-go" packaging.

As I was discussing this upcoming review with my daughter, she claims now that she does not like them.  This was news to me, but when my daughter gets a thought in her head like that, it is difficult to convince her otherwise.  But I insisted.  She knows about my blog, and I wanted to make sure that she tried them again.  So I gave her the grape-scented one, and I tried one, too.  She had told me that the wipes made her nose redder, but that was before she tried them again.  I watched her, and I wish I had taken a video of her.  I could tell instantly that she knew she had misspoken.  Boogie Wipes were great, and she wanted to use them!  I, on the other hand, could not stand the grape smell, but the fresh scent ones were awesome.  

As I was doing some research on the company, I was excited to discover that Boogies Wipes are distributed by Little Busy Bodies Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon!  Whenever I find a company that is in the great Pacific Northwest, I always feel better about supporting them.  Finding a company in Oregon excites me since they are just one state away from me (I live in Washington state).  But even if you don't live in the Pacific Northwest, isn't it good to support a company that is in the U.S.?

Again, as I was checking out the site (which has so much great information), I was excited to discover a portion of the site for teachers and kids:  Save the Sleeve.  There are all sorts of games, activities, and information on this part of the site.  You can even "Take the Pledge" to protect the world from germs and "icky" stuff.  I preach at my daughter so much about using tissue (and not picking her nose!), and oftentimes my message does not get through to her.  I want her to check out this site so she can see for herself why she needs to make sure to use tissue, wash her hands, etc.

Be sure to check out what other reviewers had to say about Boogie Wipes by checking out the linky below.

I invite you to check out Boogie Wipes and their products.  As a mom, I believe you will be glad you did.
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I received this product through Karma Media in exchange for my honest review.


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