Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New York Prime Meat Review

I only recently heard about a marvelous company that has been around for over 50 years!  And they only sell prime meat.  When I was growing up, steak was something that did not interest me.  I was the strange one who did not order steak at a steakhouse.  Somewhere around college or afterwards, I began to enjoy eating steak, and there was nothing like a fillet mignon!

New York Prime Meats is pleased to offer service to the continental United States--expanding past its original New York area customers.  The meat is always fresh and never frozen.  And all of their meats are backed by a 100 percent guarantee.

I was quite pleased the day my fillet mignon arrived.  It was packed extremely well with dry ice and a large ice chest.  I was sent 3 fillet mignon cuts to review.  I could hardly wait for the Fourth of July to try them out! I honestly thought that they looked so good and juicy that they might have been marinated, but they weren't.  They were just thick and juicy.

I realize that the meat was fresh, but I had to freeze it since it was over a week until the Fourth of July.  And their packaging worked well in the freezer.  The meat also thawed well, and I was ready to cook them tonight.

Some time ago, I won the Char Crust you see in this picture (I enter a lot of giveaways), and I knew this was the perfect time to try this rub.  It was very easy to open the package, and I put the rub all over the three pieces of steak.  Originally, I was going to grill this outside, but I decided this morning that our propane grill is not too reliable.  I did not want to risk injuring these fantastic cuts of meat.

So I pulled out the trusty George Foreman, and in no time, these steaks were done.  I only now realized that there was almost no grease that came off this meat.  When I bit into this steak, I was absolutely blown away! I have never tasted such good steak at home, and often it is not even that good at restaurants!  I had not marinated the steak, and this meat was juicy, tasty, and easy to cut through.  Even my daughter, who often find steak very hard to chew, ate it in spite of the spicy rub.  My mom and I absolutely adored this steak!  Usually I save my potatoes for last, but not tonight!  The steak was as good as dessert.  Even our dog smelled it and hoped for a bite, but we told her "no."  It was just too good.

I am not the only one who got a chance to review this.  Please stop by and read the other reviews by other members:

I encourage you to check out this meat--you will not be sorry. Be sure to follow New York Prime Meat on facebook and twitter. They just wrapped up a giveaway, but you never know when they might do another one or offer some special deal.

As a member of Karma Media I received this product from New York Prime Meat in hopes of obtaining a review. All opinions are my own.


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