Sunday, February 19, 2012

3in30 Weekly Linkup {02.17.12}

I forgot to post last week, so I will update my challenges here for the past couple weeks.  So I am linking up with the 3 in 30 challenge.  

So here are my goals and my updates.

1.  I will change my lunch and snack routines this month so that I am eating healthier.  As I have examined my eating habits, I have discovered that my problem is that I am relying on too many carbs again and not enough protein, veggies, and fruit. 

I have done the best on this goal.  Except for this weekend, but I have been doing so much better!  While I don't think I am losing weight, I have been much better at eating healthier.

2.  I will actually do a new project this month--try something new.  That was a goal I set for a New Year's resolution, and all I did last month was learn how to survive a power outage in the country.  I am not certain what I will do, but it will be something new.

I have done absolutely nothing on this point but enter a giveaway and save a few pins on pinterest.  And I did begin reading a book (for review) about making soap.  We'll see if I follow this one.

3.  I will clean up my blog buttons--at least somewhat.  I would like to have my blog looking about 1/4 the way I would like it.  I will probably start with the buttons and work up.  So we'll see how much I accomplish.

If I am able to do this one, I will be amazed.  I have not had a moment to spare.  We'll see.

So one in three.  I hope I can do better!  


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