Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Day in History February 9, 1942

I would not usually post this as a feature because it seems a little bit harder to completely substantiate, but since an education blog and several other places online seem to back it up fairly well, I decided to feature it today.

Once the U.S. entered WWII in December 1941, the government began to pass legislation to stop civilian car production.  It was on this date in 1942 that Detroit auto plans rolled out its last civilian car.  It was the following day that they began to work for the war effort, and the civilian production of cars did not begin again until 1945 when the war had ended.

I find this an interesting feature because I had no idea this was something that happened during WWII.  I find it interesting that everyone really focused on WWII, and maybe that was the last war where something like this happened in this country.  I don't see this kind of morale during any later wars.

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