Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday--Some Random Music Videos

Well, I should be doing a CD review.  I do have a couple waiting in the wings, but I decided I didn't feel like it.  I happened to check out Taylor Swift's new music video featuring a song from the upcoming film The Hunger Games. Martin did not like it all that well, he told me. And I didn't when I first heard it.  But now that I have watched the video, I can appreciate the significance of it.  And she looks really good.  Her voice is different, and I am going to post it here.  Enjoy!

Safe & Sound - New Broadcast Version/Closed-Captioned/The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond

Taylor Swift | Myspace Music Videos

Moving on, there has been a country song that I heard a couple months ago, I think, that I loved the first time I heard it. I had been meaning to look up the video, but I just didn't think about it.  Dierks Bentley is not someone I really tend to like.  He has a big head, and most of his songs do not resonate with me.  But once in a while, he releases a song that just captures something within me.  And his current single Home does just that for me.  If you don't like country, still give this one a try.  I think that if you are an American, this will remind you of why you are proud to be one.

And finally, this weekend, I overheard that Lauren Alaina (whom I knew was touring with Jason Aldean) sings Don't You Wanna Stay with him in the concert.  This is in lieu of Kelly Clarkson.  Now, while I cannot say that she is the absolute best fit for this song, I think that she is in the process of making it her own.  I would like to see her even do more with it.  And the redneck girl they have to escort off the stage in this video is pretty interesting.  Enjoy!


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