Saturday, February 18, 2012

Clipix: The Ultimate Bookmark Tool!

There is so much content out on the web these days, and I struggle so much to try to keep it all organized in one place.  I have three computers at home--two desktops and a laptop.  In addition to these, I have a smartphone, and I access computers at work and sometimes even at the library.  I have tried bookmarking sites that I want to remember, but to no avail.  I save them on one computer, and then I cannot access them on any other device.  I have even tried online bookmark sites, but I have been quite dissatisfied with them.  They are hard to organize, and all I see is a link to a site (which often tells me nothing at all about the website).

Enter Clipix, the free, awesome organizational tool.  This site saves and organizes your bookmarks on one central site so that you can access them from any internet-connected device.  Finally, there is a solution to remembering all those sites that you really like and want to access again at a later time.  Thankfully, Clipix cares about your privacy--you are able to save sites so that only you can access them, only friends can access them, or everyone can access them.

So, how does it work, you may ask?  I am so glad you want to know!  After signing up for your free account, you drag the clip button to your bookmarks bar (don't worry, they walk you through this process if you do not understand), and now you are set to clip anything online!  You can save products, recipes, crafts, articles, and anything else you want to remember for later.
Clipix organizes your "clips" into "clipboards."  You can name these clipboards anything you like.  Clipix also has the option of Syncboards--boards where you can collectively see what your friends are clipping in real time.  This gives you the option of collaborating with these people.  In addition to this, you also have the option of Multiboards.  This means that you can save your clips to more than one board at a time.  I fully understand that.  I sometimes would like to save a bookmark such as a craft to more than one place, and Clipix easily gives you this option.
in working with Clipix, I have some boards already where I have saved various things such as recipes, holiday ideas, and more.  Here is a shot of one of my boards.

Clipboard: Dessert Recipes

Cute As a Fox: Christmas Ornament Cup...


Easy Strawberry Cheesecake Crescent D...
Always Order Dessert: DIY Vanilla Ins...
Sweet Victory: 14 Super Bowl Party-Wo...

And here you can see a couple of my actual clips from my Valentine's Day board.

These clips point out my favorite thing about clipix--the pictures!  I do not want to save a site and then have to go back and read about it to try to remember what it is about.  For me, a picture will usually sum up what a site is about better than anything else.
So are you ready to join clipix?  I hope you are by now!  Sign up today, and be sure to comment on this post about how you will use clipix.  I bet that you will have some creative ideas that have not even occurred to me!  I love getting new ideas from my followers.  And you can follow me if you check on the left sidebar of my blog and scroll down to where you can follow me on facebook, and you will see a clipix button.  Or if it is easier, follow me here.
I can't encourage you enough to go sign up.  Be sure to check out their iphone app and all of the features on their site.  You will not regret signing up, and I am sure you will always find new uses for clipix!

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