Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Day in History February 8, 1587

What a day this must have been, indeed.  On this date in 1587, Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded.  This is yet another story in the Tudor saga.  Young Mary (at the age of 6 days) became queen of Scotland in 1542. She was then sent to be raised in France, and she married the king of France (who later died, of course).

The very Catholic Mary then returned to Scotland, and in 1565, she married her English cousin (so she could become queen of England after Elizabeth's death).  He mysteriously died, and she married her lover.  The nobility did not like it, so they forced her to abdicate to her son.

In 1568, she fled to England and was welcomed by Elizabeth.  But then she became very suspiciously linked to several attempts to overthrow Elizabeth.  In 1586, there was a major plot uncovered to murder Elizabeth, and Mary was sentenced to death.

Therefore, she was beheaded for treason, and her son assumed the throne of England, Scotland, and Ireland in 1603.

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