Monday, February 27, 2012

This Day in History February 28, 202 B.C.

It has been a while since we ventured into the B.C. history, and tonight is a pretty important one.  This date in 202 B.C. was the coronation of Emperor Liu Bang or Gaozo of Han.  He was the first emperor of the Han dynasty, and he ruled China from 202 B.C. to 195 B.C.  It is amazing to note that he was born into a peasant family.  He fought against the Qin Dynasty and eventually took over in 202 B.C.

As I read about him, it would seem that he did a lot to help the economy of China after the overthrow of the Qin Dynasty.  He reduced taxes, and he developed agriculture.  He even restricted spending.  Something tells me that the U.S. could take a lesson considering our current economic situation!

He was mortally wounded during his Ying Bu rebellion.  He refused any treatment till the very end.

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