Monday, December 31, 2012

A Happy Green Life Natural Laundry Wash Review

In this day and age, going "green" is all the rage.  But with so many companies and products out there, how do you know what to choose?  Which products work well and are worth the price?  Well, I can tell you about one company with whom I recently got to work.  Let me introduce you to A Happy Green Life.  They are a company that began just this year, and they are committed to making green life living easy in this modern world.  Most of us busy moms just aren't able to research companies and products for effective green living.  At least with this company, you can rest assured that their products are green and simple.

I got to try out A Happy Green Life All Natural Laundry Wash.  The first thing my mom and I noticed was the wonderful scent.  They have an enormous amount of scents from which to choose, and I am going to admit that I don't remember the exact scent.  I want to say I chose Autumn, but whatever the scent is, it is magnificent!  It is pleasing, fresh, and clean.  The scent does not linger on the clothes--which I actually like.  The clothes smell clean, and they are clean.  You can see how much we have used!  I had to remember to get a picture before this was all gone.  My mom does a lot of the laundry when I am working, and this was one of the laundry detergents she really liked.  We have hard water, and this detergent still worked really well to get our clothes clean and smelling fresh.

This company is currently planning to develop even more green products, so be sure to check them out.  I am generally ambivalent about green laundry detergents, but this is really a nice product that works well.

Be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter for all the latest news and deals.

I received this product through Outburst Media in exchange for my honest review.


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