Sunday, December 30, 2012

Try a Unique Wedding Guest Book

There is nothing like a wedding guest book to remind you of your special day, and the options for guest books is practically endless.  Consider creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will match your theme, personality, decor, and add to the beauty of your nuptial celebrations.  For advice and all your wedding guest book needs, be sure to check out Weddingstar, your one-stop shopping site for all things concerning weddings.

While you can always go with a traditional guest book, sometimes you want to try something this a little bit different for that unique touch.  Maybe you can display a tree and provide slips of paper for your wedding guests to leave a note of encouragement, congratulations, or even humor for you both to read at a later time. Then your guests can attach this special note to your wedding tree.  Keeping with the idea of notes, you can instruct your guests to leave a note for you to read on the anniversary that corresponds with their reception table number.  For example, if they are sitting at table number five, they would leave you a note to be read on your fifth anniversary.  Of course, this would require a great deal of organization for you, but it can also be a very meaningful guest book alternative.

Sometimes it is nice to have a guest book alternative that can be displayed in your home as a constant reminder of your special day.  Think about a piece of furniture (maybe a wooden chair) that your guests can sign their names and/or messages.  Or even think about a birthday calendar.  Instruct your guests to sign their names with a little message on their next birthday on the calendar you have provided.  This would serve a dual purpose.  You would have a nice message for almost every week of the year, and you would never forget your the birthdays of your friends and family members.  You can even have your guests sign a cork or a stone with their name and a nice message.  Think of the decorating possibilities!

As you mull over the many ideas for your guest book, know that whatever you need to make this personalized, special, and unique, you can find what you need at Weddingstar.  You can also be guaranteed that you won't break the bank with their items, and no one will brand you as "cheap."  Why?  Because Weddingstar's specialty are wedding accessories that are reasonably priced but high quality.


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