Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wedding Garters: A Fun Tradition

The tradition of wedding garters is something that goes back centuries.  I remember how long my mom and I searched for the perfect garter, and I was quite particular. I also made sure I had two--one I that could be thrown and one I could keep.  I think I still have the one I kept somewhere in a keepsake box because I always liked the its style.  Weddingstar has made the search for the perfect wedding garter much easier.  They even have an actual wedding garter set so you can throw one and keep one--what a clever idea.  Because they have such a vast array of garters from which to choose, you are certain to find the ideal one to match your style, taste, theme of your wedding, color, and anything else you can think of.

The wedding garter selection process does seem to be one of those things that many brides would not care about too much, but it is sometimes these little details that make or break a reception celebration.  When the groom removes the brides garter at the wedding ceremony, your guests will notice the garter's appearance.  As the garter goes flying through the air and is snatched up, it will be seen.  You can be proud of the details, color, and embellishments that your garter has.  It looks its best just like everything else at your wedding.

Of course, not all brides are the same size, and sometimes wedding companies don't recognize that.  They put out a garter that says "one size fits most."  What if you don't fit into the "most" category?  Weddingstar offers a wide variety of plus-sized garters for the perfect fit.  They even offer wedding garter belts if you truly wish to go the ultra-traditional route.

Attention to detail is something that the design team at Weddingstar know best.  Contact them for advice about the best garter to choose.  They specialize in creating accessories that look expensive but are still affordable.  And you will notice that their garters are no exception to this rule.  You will be able to find the perfect garter for this fun tradition.  You will get to keep one as a lasting memento, and the man who catches your other garter will also have an attractive keepsake.


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