Saturday, December 22, 2012

Starbox by Starlooks December Review

It is that time of month again--to review another fantastic Starbox!  If you are not familiar with them, I cannot recommend them highly enough.  You get a monthly box of two to three cosmetic items for $15 per month.  Generally the items in the box are worth much more--often double or more.  It is your chance to try an entire  high-end line of make-up for a fraction of the cost.  Make-up is something I absolutely hate to shop for.  And the prices keep going up every time you turn around.

This month's Starbox features a fifteen-shade eyeshadow palette.  This is worth $95!  Here is mine:

Now I admit that there are colors I may never use--or use very little.  After all, I am fair-skinned.  But the beauty of this eyeshadow palette is that I can mix and match any colors I want for the kind of look I really want.  I am off work, and I have been unable to use this palette too much since receiving it.  However, I am going to a program this afternoon, and I though it would be nice to give my eyes a little bit of color.

I used a light purple and a light blue.  Together, they created a gorgeous look that is subtle and yet wakes my tired eyes up.  It is the only make-up I am wearing today, and it somehow gives me just the lift I need.  I can't tell you how many times I am looking for that specific eyeshadow color, and with this palette, I will have access to practically any color I want.

Here's an idea for you.  If you still haven't purchased something for the special girl in your life, this would be an ideal last-minute gift.  Okay, so you wouldn't be getting this specific item, but if you signed up for the gift subscription, you could print out the information about the Starbox, and the subscription would begin in January.  And you could have it continue as long as you want to.  I don't think she would mind waiting if she knows what it headed your way!

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