Saturday, December 29, 2012

This Day in History December 29, 1835

At one time, New Echota was the Cherokee capital (from 1825-1830's), and it is now a historical landmark.  But on this date in 1835, the Treaty of New Echota was signed between a portion of the Cherokees (the Tree party) and the officials of Georgia.  Many Cherokees did not like this treaty.  John Ross was the main Cherokee chief, and he did not support this treaty.

Why was there no full support?  The Cherokee gave up their rights to lands east of the Mississippi.  The Trail of Tears had already occurred, and this treaty assured everyone that this had been all right.  In other words, there was no problem with removing Native Americans from their homes so white settlers could live there instead.  (Really nice, huh?)  Of course, President Andrew Jackson was the one who got all this going, and he was known for hating the Native Americans with a passion.  President Martin Van Buren continued to enforce this treaty.

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