Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Be Part of a New Ceremony: Unity Candle

The origin of the unity ceremony is something that is rather hard to pin down.  No one is quite sure where this this symbolic ceremony originated, but most agree this is a tradition that is relatively new.  At some point within the past fifty years, this particular portion of the wedding ceremony appeared, but candles have been part of the wedding ceremony for centuries.  The popularity of this ceremony has continued to increase, and there are no stringent rules when it comes to your interpretation of this tradition.  Whether you use candles, sand, or a combination of the both, you can find whatever accessories you need in the style you wish at Weddingstar.

Unity sand ceremony kits have gained popularity in more recent years.  If you are looking to make an original statement, you will want to check out Weddingstar's highly customizable sets where you can select the quintessential sand color and vase design to match your wedding's theme and/or color to a tee.  You may even desire to add an engraved or etched inscription or message on the vase for a lasting keepsake.  There is nothing more memorable than displaying a symbol of your unity that bears a special message.  It will hopefully serve as a lasting testament of the most wonderful day of your life.

Of course, if you wish, you may go the more traditional avenue with a unity candle set.  Your choice of candles is practically endless, and so is your choice of ornamental holders.  You may even determine to use a personalized candle for the extra special touch.  Be sure to add your own special touch for the ultimate unity candle design.

Some people decide to combine both the sand and candle portions of the ceremony.  This will truly make your unity ceremony stand out, and no matter what you wish, you will find ideas, inspiration, and all necessary accessories at Weddingstar.  Customize anything you wish, and make the ceremony exclusively yours so it means something to you.

Weddingstar has quality wedding accessories that you will absolutely love.  Their attention to detail is unsurpassed, but you will not break the bank.  Your wedding can be everything you want it to be and more at a price you can afford.  Check out Weddingstar to make your unity ceremony exactly what you dreamed it would be.


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