Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dental Practice Valuation

No matter where you go in this country, you will  find that not all dental practices are the same.  Dental practice valuation can be affected by any number of factors including location, management, fee structure, and more. This is a vital process if one is considering buying or selling a dental practice.

Your NABP broker will thoroughly evaluate your practice on varied levels and perspectives.  He/she will look at the dental practice from the perspectives of business and investment, and anything that may affect the overall value will be considered.  Your broker is up-to-date on current market trends, and he/she will be able to assist you in correcting any issues before you sell.

While it is imperative that you get an idea of the value of the dental practice, NABP brokers will take it upon themselves to promote your practice all over the region.  They will also put it on the NABP website so that it can gain national attention as well for prospective buyers.  They will even put it in journals and trade publications for ultimate exposure.  They will also use tried and true techniques such as direct mail, database marketing, and online advertising so that just the right person will see your dental practice.  After all, you only want qualified buyers showing an interest in your dental practice.

Times have certainly changed because the buying and selling of a dental practice is not just a local event any more.  People tend to relocate for all sorts of reasons, and NABP is willing to help with the relocation process as necessary.  Whether you are looking to sell (or buy) a regular or specialized dental practice, look no further than NABP.


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