Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Try a Wedding Guest Book For the Ultimate Souvenir

Once upon a time, it was essential that every wedding had some sort of wedding guest book present and being used so that the couple could have a record of who attended, what gifts were given, and to whom they needed to send thank-you cards.  Much of this is still true, but as the years have gone on, the wedding guest book has become a lasting record of your all-important day.  You don't want your guest book to just be a formality that is then packed away in a dusty, old attic somewhere.  Make your guest book something that you will proudly display as a reminder of the most important day of your lives.

Fresh ideas abound as alternatives to the traditional guest book.  You may elect to have your guests sign the framed mat of a special photograph or wedding verse.  Or maybe you would prefer to have your friends and family members write a special memory or message to you in addition to their names and addresses.  Or if you really want to try something unique, you may even have your guests sign some kind of functional item with a special marker, such as a silver platter or some kind of decorative pottery.  Once you let your imagination run wild, the possibilities are practically endless.

Some couples will choose to do something that involves much more than just signing something or writing a personal message in a book.  Consider a Perfect Pair jar where your guests write a message on a notecard and place them in the jar.  Or for something personal but unusual, supply your guests with instant cameras so they can take pictures of themselves.  They can then place these pictures in special pouches that they sign with their usual information and maybe a personal message.  The possibilities are practically limitless once you start thinking outside the box.

It just so happens that Weddingstar can help give you the inspiration, ideas, and materials you need to create a memorable, personalized wedding guest book that is uniquely you.  Think about your theme, colors, and what makes you special as a couple.  You can incorporate all of this into what should be the ultimate "souvenir" of your nuptial ceremony.  If you need advice and true expertise, check with their talented design team.  They specialize in wedding accessories that are affordable but still high quality.  With Weddinstar in your corner, there is no way you can fail to have a stunning wedding guest book that will completely impress your guests.


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