Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wedding Invitations for a Special Couple

Wedding invitations are often the first thing that a couple will think about when planning a wedding.  You need to consider two things right off the bat--the design of the invitation and what information you will include.  And as you select your invitation, don't forget to check out Weddingstar since they have a vast amount from which to choose.  Decide whether you want a traditional wedding invitation that matches your theme or whether you want to go with something a little different that will give your prospective guests only a hint of what your special day will be like.

It is customary to include an RSVP card with your invitations so that your friends and family can communicate important information to you that will aid you in the planning of your celebration.  Again, you may wish to pick out a design that matches the theme of your wedding so that your guests may be more inclined to send it back to you in a timely fashion.  It is also imperative that you choose carefully what to include on these all-important cards.  Thankfully, there is not a hard and fast rule when it comes to RSVP cards.  You can choose to very simply add the basic information for your guests to fill out such as contact information and how many guests will be attending.  You may even wish to include the recipient's contact information on the card (some people do have illegible handwriting) so that all your guests will need to do is check a box or line with their intent to come or not.  Maybe you wish for more information to be included such as ages of the guests or dietary restrictions, but that is something that you as a couple will need to decide.

Wedding etiquette for the wording of your invitations is something that you absolutely must research.  Although much has changed, there are some rules when it comes to proper wording in this situation.  You want to make sure that everyone who is attending understands and respects all your wishes and intentions.  Not taking this seriously could potentially offend someone or even keep someone from attending your wedding.  Be certain that you put the necessary time into this selection process in order to assure a picture perfect wedding day.


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