Sunday, December 23, 2012

HCG For a Good Start to a Healthy Lifestyle

It's hard to think about losing weight and eating healthily during the holidays, but as you well know, procrastination and good health do not go hand in hand.  HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced naturally in the human body. While it can be used in a variety of medical situations, it is often referred to as the pregnancy hormone.  When a woman is pregnant, this particular hormone doubles every two days.  Its purpose is to feed the growing baby (and the mother) with metabolized fat that has been stored in the body.  It can easily convert this body fat at a moment's notice, and for weight loss, it is absolutely ideal.  Only a small amount is used in weight loss, and it is equally safe to be used in both men and women.  Even though it is the "pregnancy hormone," it never imitates pregnancy.

As humans get older, it does often become harder and harder to lose weight.  Our problem areas tend to want to hold onto the fat and not easily release it.  Some people will try starvation diets which have the opposite effect.  Your body will work harder and harder to keep the stored fat due to its desire to preserve itself.  Starvation makes your body think it needs to go into survival mode.  Other people turn to diet pills, fad diets, and even surgery.  Many of these may work, but their success rate is not generally lasting.

HCG is one of those methods that works well with a low-calorie diet and sensible exercise plan for optimal weight loss.  It efficiently sends word to your hypothalamus to get the stubborn fat from your trouble spots and turn it into energy.  There are potentially thousands of calories that have been stored in your body and and not available for use until HCG releases it.  You will not run out of energy nor feel hungry as long as you are getting plenty of rest and metabolizing stored fat.  And this will assure that your structural fat and muscle tissue are untouched by HCG.


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