Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Day in History December 19, 1907

It was on this date in 1907 that the worst coal mining disaster in Pennsylvania history occurred. The Darr Mine is located in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania, and at about 11:30 A.M. on that date, an explosion happened in that mine.  A total of 239 people lost their lives in this disaster.  Rescue operations were investigated, but it was quickly determined that no one could get out alive.   They worked very carefully as they recovered bodies, and all but those that there buried deeply beneath the debris were actually pulled out of the mine--220.  An investigation was ordered as to the cause, and it was determined that the biggest issue was "management neglect."  Even though coal dust was known to be quite explosive, it was allowed to accumulate.  Poor ventilation was another issue.  The leaders of the company had been made aware of the potential problems for months preceding the disaster, but of course, nothing had been done. There were evidently two survivors of this blast, but all the rest were killed.

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  1. I have a cousin that is a coal miner. It is such a dangerous job, I don't know why he has been doing it most of his life.


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