Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wedding Favors of Every Shape and Size

While wedding favors are not a requirement at weddings, there is nothing better than sending your guests home with a simple token of your appreciation and a memento of your ceremony.  It is worth your while to spend some time looking for a favor that matches your wedding and effectively reminds your guests of your how brilliant it was.  Head over to Weddingstar and notice their exquisite, affordable wedding favors that will be sure to impress your guests and ensure that they will not be tossed aside after the festivities end.

As you browse their selection of personalized, practical, and affordable wedding favors, be sure to consider the size of the favors you will be giving each guest.  Favors come in a range or sizes from very small to big and bulky.  Depending on the size you choose, you will want to think about how you will display these at the reception.

For example, if you are giving out  somewhat large favors such as  basg of coffee or  bottles of wine, it will be impractical to place these on the reception or dinner tables.  There will be no room for your guests at the tables, so you will need to set up a separate table, i.e., a buffet table for displaying your wedding favors.  It is easy to make this a part of your wedding decor, and Weddingstar will have additional pieces of decor to add to this table so that it fits right into the ambiance of your wedding.

If you are giving something a little non-traditional, such as packaged seeds, that you wish to display in some kind of terra cotta pot, be sure that you display these in such a way that they are not overwhelming and possibly overlooked by your guests.  Again, these will be very attractive on a buffet table if presented in an appropriate fashion.  Use the opportunity to add items to this table that are significant to you as a couple.  Perhaps you will add pictures or symbols of your interests and hobbies that tell your guests a story as they pick up their wedding favors.

If you choose a wedding favor that is rather small but still elegant, add a container or bag to these favors so they do not get lost in the shuffle.  Keeping your favors functional and memorable is your best bet in this day and age of overabundance of stuff.  When your guests go home and do their semi-annual cleaning, you don't want your wedding favor to be what they choose to throw out.  Make your wedding favors unique, classy, and memorable in order to ensure the longevity of the favors as well as the memory of your wedding in the minds of your guests.


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