Monday, December 31, 2012

Wedding Invitations: An Expression of Your Style

Wedding invitations are often the first thing that your prospective guests will see concerning your nuptial celebrations.  Wedding invitation ideas are practically as numerous as personalities and people on this planet.  If you have an idea, there is an invitation that will match it.  Check out Weddingstar, and you will be certain to find the invitation that will match your style, personality, and wedding theme.

Wedding invitation designs should be a chance for you as a couple to express who you truly are.  Consider the season during which your wedding will be held.  Or maybe you are hailed as a romantic couple, and this invitation will be a perfect time for you to share that great romance with your friends and family members. Think about where you wedding will take place--a church, a temple, a beach, or somewhere else.  You can even do something as simple as picking out meaningful colors.  Once you begin brainstorming ideas, you may just come up with the perfect ideas for your invitations.

Once you have selected a design, you will need to choose your wording. This can be a deal breaker for you if it is not researched appropriately.  Make sure that you know what protocol is concerning the reception, dress code, and even who will be paying for the wedding.  Wedding etiquette is still an important part of invitations because you may turn people off to your wedding if not followed correctly.

One other consideration concerns the RSVP cards that are traditionally sent with invitations.  It is truly up to you whether you send these or not, but they are effective planning tools, especially if you are having a reception where food is being served.  You may choose to make your RSVP cards simple by just having your guests respond with their information and how many will be in attendance.  However, if you wish to have access to more detailed information, you may add a place for the ages of the guests attending, choice of meals, and maybe even allergy information.  It is up to you how detailed you are, but depending on your event, you may find it beneficial to add this sort of information to these all-important cards.

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