Thursday, December 27, 2012

Consider a Unique Unity Ceremony

Due to the fact that weddings no longer have to be as traditional as they used to be, brides and grooms have a lot of poetic license when it comes to every aspect of their wedding ceremony.  This is most apparent in the relatively new tradition of the unity ceremony.  This came about somewhere around fifty years ago, and it has become a very popular, meaningful part of the wedding that many couples choose to feature in their own special way.  No matter what kind of unity ceremony you are planning, Weddingstar is certain to have the accessories you need to make this a memorable experience for everyone.

If you are planning a beach-themed wedding or some kind of coastal wedding, a unity sand ceremony is an ideal choice.  These have become increasingly popular, and Weddingstar stocks everything you need for this signature ceremony.  You can use any color of sand or maybe even sand from the nearby beach for a truly authentic touch.  Use any color, size, or shape of receptacle for the sand, and customize it with etching or engraving, if you so choose.

Are you ready to go out on a limb for a truly unusual unity ceremony?  Substitute bird seed, marbles, coffee beans, rice, or any substance that has a significant meaning for you.  Let your imagination run wild.  Some couples even feature wine or honey in their unity ceremonies.  Do a little research and consultation, and you will find that your possibilities are practically endless.

Of course, you always have the option of going back to the simple unity ceremony idea--candles.  But there are even variations to this tradition.  Pick out candles and holders from a wide variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and designs, but change up the ceremony just a little.  You can use a three-wick candle for the central candle, and have the mothers of both families (or whomever you so choose) light the single taper candles on either side of the central candle.  At the appointed time, the bride and groom individually light the two wicks on either side of the central candle, thus representing the individual lives they had before the wedding.  Together, they will light the central wick which represents the joining together of their lives.  You may even wish to combine several different elements from various unity ceremonies for something completely different.


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