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Goddess Fish: "Challenging the Legacy" by Genie Gabriel Book Review/Giveaway (Ends 12/17) WW

Super-mom Tallie O'Shea took on eight adopted children and built a legacy of compassionate justice with her policeman husband. When he is gunned down, she doesn't think it's an accident. Then a former lover shows up and the lies from her past start unraveling. As dangers explode around her, can Tallie set things right before everything she loves is destroyed?

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First of all, I think this book would have been much easier to follow if I had read the other books in the series.  This is the fifth book in the series, and I did feel kind of lost as I tried to follow the characters and their various happenings.  I do not fault the author for that at all.  But I recommend reading the entire series if you choose to read this book.

As to the book, I am grateful that the profanity is so minor that I almost did not notice it.  And there are no sex scenes, so already I pleased to recommend this book.  This is also an easy-to-read book that you can sit down and read in an evening.  As a result of reading this book, I think I might like to go back and pick up the other books.  I was intrigued by many of the characters, and Tallie is someone I would certainly like to know more about. The book does have romance, and the story is simple and nice. The author also throws in a few little bumps along the way to keep things interesting.

If you are looking for a quick read for a quiet evening, you may wish to check out this series.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

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Back at the house, Pierce cornered Tallie. "What's the deal with a dredge?"

Tallie looked at him closely. Distinguished gray at the temples, eyes as sharply blue as they had been so many years ago. Still take-your-breath-away handsome, and here she was with a rifle on her hip, her hair wild with the natural curl turning to frizz, her minimal make-up of mascara and lip gloss cried and worried off, and wearing work-worn clothes to clean the house.

Though she regarded news conferences as media circuses, she never imagined this would end in Halo literally exploding with her children right in the middle of the action. Oh, yes, they were Bernie's kids. Even as she worried, immense pride filled Tallie's heart. Bernie's legacy of courage and compassion lived in his children. In their children.

"When she was a teenager, Marly rode a motorbike up the conveyor belt of an old mining dredge, revved it up as fast as it would go, and jumped over the gap to come down on the other side of the pond. She was so proud because none of her brothers could do it. They were too big and heavy."

As Tallie told the anecdote, Pierce's face grew paler and paler. "Is that as dangerous as it sounds?"

"For years I've been fascinated by the puzzle of why some people collapse under life's traumas and others emerge triumphantly stronger. These triumphs of the human spirit over the ugliest of adversities became the basis for my stories. Yet my dramatic stories have always contained touches of humor, and sometimes I have great fun writing romantic comedy novellas. However, in all my stories, my passion for writing romance is an outlet for the powerful messages that people can overcome great difficulties, and true love can turn life’s heartaches into happily ever after."

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  1. I think i would like to read all the series. I liked the review.

    1. Hi, MomJane! So pleased you stopped by to comment and offer kind words!

  2. First of all, many thanks to Ruth for hosting me today! And I also appreciate the time you took to do a review--and of course it makes me happy it was such a nice review!

    I'm getting my usual late start on the day, but will be back throughout the day to chat with commenters. Hope you all find something to brighten your Monday!

  3. Thanks for the review...maybe I'll start at the beginning!


    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Well, of course I'd love it if you read all the books in this series. :)

      Thanks so much for following my tour!

  4. I'm wrapping up late today, but wanted to say thank you to Ruth for hosting me.

    I also want to thank everyone who stopped by to comment, and to announce the winner of my weekly drawing for a $10 gift certificate. It's Rhomy!

    Everyone who commented this week is also automatically entered to win a $25 gift certificate at the end of the month. Good-night, all!

  5. I must read this series. It sounds wonderful.



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