Saturday, December 15, 2012

Unity Sand Ceremony Set For An Original Statement

Having a unity ceremony at your wedding is a long-standing tradition with a lot of meaning.  I have always heard of unity candles when it comes to these kinds of ceremonies, but there is a new idea in town.  Check out Weddingstar's unity sand ceremony sets for a unique variation on an old tradition.  This is an original way to mark the beginning of your lives together.

As these unity sand ceremony sets are becoming increasingly popular, you will find that at Weddingstar, these are completely customizable.  You have the option to choose the color of sand you wish to display, and you can also select from the wide variety of vases that they have to offer.  Go ahead and make this your own, and design it so that it matches your wedding theme and style to a tee.

When I got married, we went with the traditional unity candle.  And as you can imagine, Weddingstar has an extensive selection from which to choose including all sorts of candles and holders to complement your wedding's theme and colors.  You might even consider adding personalized candles to your unity ceremony.  Some people are even opting to add a candle to their unity ceremony set.  Depending on how you wish to conduct this ceremony, you can add others to this ceremony to make it extra special for you as the couple.  Because the rules are not strict when it comes to unity candles, you have complete creative license to conduct this portion of your wedding exactly how you wish.

For me, the unity candle was a special memento from my wedding that I kept on display in my home until the heat of our climate finally melted it.  I kept it because we took the extra step of personalizing our candle.  And you can do the same thing.  Consider a special engraving or etching on the candle or possibly even the holder.  Feature your names, dates, family members, or even a special quotation.

No matter your choice, whether it is a unity candle or a unity sand ceremony set, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Weddingstar.  No only that, but you can rest assured that Weddingstar will never sacrifice quality for price.  Your perfect wedding ceremony accessories are only a click away!


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