Monday, December 12, 2011

Music Monday--Someone to Watch Over Me Susan Boyle CD Review

First of all, I am way behind on these music Monday posts.  All the giveaways I have been listing lately have taken up my time, so you will probably see some double posts in the next couple weeks.

Okay, I admit it.  I have liked Susan Boyle from the first time I heard her.  I think I have every one of her CD's.  I think I do, but I have at least two now.  And I absolutely loved her most current CD Someone to Watch Over Me.

My favorite song on the album is her opening selection You Have to Be There.  It is hauntingly beautiful, and although I never heard the song before she premiered it on America's Got Talent (I think it was), I was instantly drawn to it.  The song is the perfect vehicle to show off the power in her voice, and the emotion she adds to it just grips your soul.

She moves right along to Unchained Melody (a well-known ballad) and on to Enjoy the Silence.  And then on to Both Sides Now (I was sad that she didn't include all the verses!). She brings her signature style and voice to each of these.  Sometimes I get tired of her breathiness she displays in some of the songs, but I understand that she is bringing emotion and sincerity to each story within the song.  I prefer the songs where she controls her voice a little more.

Lilac Wine is one of those songs that really intrigued me.  Then on to Mad World and Autumn Leaves.  These songs really are the epitome of Susan Boyle at her best.  Then on to This Will Be the Year followed by another favorite of mine Return.  This is the ideal song for her voice.  I just love these high emotion, powerhouse songs!

The final song was a disappointment.  Why sing a few lines of the title song?  Someone to Watch Over Me is a fantastic standard, and I don't understand why she only sang a few lines of it.  It seems that singing the entire song would have been a better option, but what do I know?  I am only a music teacher and a CD reviewer!

In short, this is an album that would be perfect for the music lover in your life.  As long as the person likes standards and ballads, you have a winner!


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