Monday, December 26, 2011

This Day in History December 27, 1932

'Tis the season for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes!  And we can be grateful that on this date in 1932, Radio City Music Hall first opened.  Originally, the name was going to be International Music Hall, and its name is actually derived from some of the first tenants of Rockefeller Center (where you find the music hall)--Radio Corporation of America.

Opening night boasted a tremendous spectacle in this theater featuring Ray Bolger and Martha Graham, but due to the length and sporadic nature of the show, it was not a success.  So January 11, 1933, feature films with short spectacles became the staple of the theater.  This film plus stage spectacle continued until 1979.

Of course, it now houses the Radio City Christmas Spectacular amongst other spectacles.  I have never seen a show there, but maybe I will one day!

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