Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Day in History December 22, 2010

This became an important document on this date just last year.  The date on the certificate is December 20, but evidently it was the 22nd when it became official.
There he is.  Chris Brown.  It was the students that I taught down in Texas that introduced me to his music.  I even studied his life and presented it as an example of a clean cut kids.  Little did anyone know what would happen.

Most of you know that he and Rhianna were dating, and he allegedly beat her up.  I believe that did happen--it may have been embellished, but I am not certain.  But I remember the day that it was reported he did it.

He was sentenced to take a Domestic Violence course--52 weeks.  This was in addition to fines and probation.  And it was on this date that it was announced that he completed this course--and that was just a year ago.

I absolutely hate what happens to these young kids in the music business.  Maybe you can understand why I think so much of Taylor Swift.  I get so sick of Hollywood sometimes.

Well, here are a couple links you can check out for more information.


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