Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 10 Book Covers of 2011

Okay, this is not something that I generally do.  A lot of book bloggers get into "covers," and most of the time, I could care less.  However, since I agreed to do this blog hop, I figured I needed to follow the rules.

For this Top 10 post, I will be sticking to books that I have read this year, not just ones that I thought the cover was cool.  The cover needs to be neat, but I must have read it!

A very nice, serene cover.  It looks exactly like what it is.  A calm, refreshing book that will encourage you in your faith.  Just like a beach can refresh your soul.

I will be the first to tell you that this is not my favorite book, but the picture on the front sets up the story of the novel quite well.  What you see is what you get.

Again, the cover hints at what is within the pages of this story.  It is a sweet romance--in fact, it is a clean romance.  My favorite summer read, for sure.  And the cover brings back all the memories!

What you see is what you get.  This is a Western romance, and the cowboy on the front is the cowboy in the book!


This cover looks hot, but I was glad to know that there were no really steamy sex scenes (except between the husband and wife).  And if you compare it to other romance covers, I think you can tell that it is only a hint at a scandal.  I began to like the cover the more I read it.

Too bad that covers are sometimes better than the books themselves.  Definitely true here.  I basically chose this book based on the cover.  It looks kind of neat, but the book was one of the worst I had ever read.


Again, the cover is better than the book.  I picked this book because I liked the cover.  I expected the book to be thoroughly engaging like so many historical fiction reads.  Too bad it was a disappointment.

I was so excited about beginning this book.  I love Pride and Prejudice, and this was the first book I read based on that novel.  What a thorough disappointment!  I even felt worse when I realized I had sent this to my "Secret Santa" last year, and it was not a very good book!  Maybe she enjoyed it more than I did!  I hope so!

At least this was what I thought it would be.  The cover did not lie.  It was a sweet, Christmas romance.  Not my favorite book, but the cover indeed hinted at the story correctly!


It was pretty far up the list yesterday, and now I have placed it at the top of today's list.  I put this at the top of the list because the cover is ideal.  It invites the reader to discover who this woman was.  The title is quite intriguing, and the cover reinforces that.

While today was not as much fun as yesterday, it was still good to go back through my reviews!  Looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. I'd never have found these covers if it weren't for you. Until now most bloggers picked books like Clockwork Prince, Between Shades of Gray etc. So It's really nice to see something new!

    I like that you only picked books you actually read. I didn't *ashamed* but in my defense, I was very lazy when I wrote that post *grin*

    All the best,

  2. These are all new to me but I like the Forever Taken one best.
    My Top 10 Book Covers of 2011

  3. The Sophia James cover reinforces what I said about Harlequin Historical covers -- I'm a sucker for pretty dresses. I've gotten in the habit of finding out more about the books before I buy them.

    I know nothing about The Lady of Bolton Hill - but that is a nice cover. I really like her dress and her stance (looking out the window). It would make me want to know more about the book.

  4. Ohh you definitely owned this! It is no doubt you have a good taste for awesome covers ;) great picks!

    Here' s my Top 10 Book Cover of 2011

    Jay @ We Fancy Books


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