Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Day in History December 4, 1872

I really found this story fascinating, and I even have a video to go with it! Originally, the ship called the Mary Celeste was originally launched in 1861 under the name of Amazon.  The ship had all sorts of problems, and eventually it was renamed the Mary Celeste.

On November 7, 1782, the Mary Celeste under the command of Captain Benjamin Briggs set sail from New York for Europe with wine and liquor.  On board were the captain, his wife, their 2-year-old daughter, and a crew of seven.  Although November is not normally a good time for sailing, everything appeared to be in good order.

On this date in 1782, the Mary Celeste was found floating 600 miles of Gibraltar.  Everything was in good order except that no one was on the ship!  It has been dubbed the "ghost ship."  No one really knows what happened.  There are varying reports that indicate a pirate attack or even that the ship who found them possibly hatched a plot to take over the ship.

I find this a fascinating tale.  It is one of those unsolved mysteries.  For more information, check out:


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